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ATTENTION: As a result of the COVID-19 Virus, all EHS Museums including the Archives will remain closed.  The Archives will re-open on June 2

Volunteers Needed

The Eastham Historical Society is an all Volunteer Organization.  As we prepare for our upcoming 2020 season, we need volunteers available to greet visitors, man our gift shops and interact with visitors from all over the country and the world.  With the 400th Anniversary of landing of the Mayflower and settlement of the surviving 51 passengers, seven of whom eventually settled in Nauset (now Eastham) there will be many opportunities for volunteers to become involved.  If you have 2-3 hours a week we ask that you consider becoming a part of our organization to help preserve the history of Eastham.  Please reach out and contact us at easthamhistorical@verizon.net  

We have many exciting events coming up this season as well as new exhibits at our Schoolhouse Museum - check out our Calendar of Events for more information

Eastham 400 Commemoration


The Eastham 400 Commemoration Committee shall develop a historically accurate acknowledgment of events surrounding The First Encounter and present it through educational programs, activities, events, promotional materials, merchandise, and projects. These materials will relate to life prior to, during, and after The First Encounter and will deal with both Indigenous Tribes as well as the Pilgrims. Materials will be of clear mutual interest to the residents and visitors of the Town of Eastham. Materials will be as accurate as possible and respectful of the history being acknowledged. (Section 3 of the Selectmen’s Charge to the Eastham 400 Commemoration Committee)

Link to Eastham 400 Commemoration - https://easthamthefirstencounter.org

Check out the Exhibits at the 1869 Schoolhouse Museum commemorating the Landing of the Mayflower Passengers as well as the First Peoples of Eastham - our Museum will reopen in July 2020 with special events beginning in June 2020

Be a part of our Brick Sidewalk, honor a loved one, recent graduate, use a favorite quote, celebrate an event, and at the same time, SUPPORT Eastham Historical Society and be a part of Preserving Eastham's Past for Eastham's Future

Forms available at our Schoolhouse Museum or on line- check for hours of availability

Thank you to Lower Cape TV for featuring the 150th Year Celebration of our 1869 Schoolhouse Museum

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