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Terri Rae Smith – November 18, 2019

The Society mourns the loss of a very supportive and active member. Terri Rae joined Eastham Historical Society about 8 years ago.  She first assisted in the Archives, then moved on to become Curator of the 1869 Schoolhouse Museum.  Single handedly she created a Christmas Village Display featuring local landmarks.  The display was enjoyed by many visitors. 


Terri Rae wore many other hats in the Society during her short time. She was the 1869 Schoolhouse Teacher for the visiting Eastham Elementary 4th grade annual “Back in Time” day. She also was part of the Events Committee and spearheaded many other fundraising functions as well as serving at the Swift-Daley Museum.  Needless to say, she will be very much missed.

Besides being a part of the Eastham Historical Society, Terri Rae also served with the Eastham Cemetery Commission, the Historic Commission and as a Library Volunteer.

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Eastham 400 Commemoration


The Eastham 400 Commemoration Committee shall develop a historically accurate acknowledgment of events surrounding The First Encounter and present it through educational programs, activities, events, promotional materials, merchandise, and projects. These materials will relate to life prior to, during, and after The First Encounter and will deal with both Indigenous Tribes as well as the Pilgrims. Materials will be of clear mutual interest to the residents and visitors of the Town of Eastham. Materials will be as accurate as possible and respectful of the history being acknowledged. (Section 3 of the Selectmen’s Charge to the Eastham 400 Commemoration Committee)

Link to Eastham 400 Commemoration - https://easthamthefirstencounter.org

Check out the Exhibits at the 1869 Schoolhouse Museum commemorating the Landing of the Mayflower Passengers as well as the First Peoples of Eastham - our Museum will reopen in July 2020 with special events beginning in June 2020

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