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Swift-Daley Museum

Museum Hours 

Our Swift-Daley Museum is now closed - watch for our re-opening in July 2024!

Located at 2375 Route 6 next to the Eastham Post Office. Built in 1741 by Joshua Knowles, its bowed roof is typical of early houses built by ship’s carpenters. The wide board floors, deep fireplace in the keeping room and narrow stairway are other features of 18th century houses. The entire house is furnished with articles ranging from Colonial to Victorian, reflecting the long period when the house was home to many generations.


In 1859 the house was occupied by Nathaniel Swift, who with his brother Gustavus of North Eastham, soon moved to Chicago and founded the Swift meat packing empire.


The second part of its present name comes from Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Daley who purchased the house in 1939 and restored it to its original condition. Mrs. Daley generously donated the house to the Eastham Historical Society in 1974.

The house is completely furnished; its collections include examples of period furniture, clothing, china and quilts.


The Swift-Daley House is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.



Drawing Courtesy Jim Owens




               2013-2014 Renovations:

Roof Beams

Curved Roof Beam

CuratorsMaureen Andular & Marca Daley 
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