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Bridge Road Cemetery

The Bridge Road Cemetery is located in central Eastham, on the west side of Bridge Road, south of Samoset Road. The cemetery also marks the site of Eastham’s second meeting house and town center in the same way that the Cove Cemetery marks the location of the original meeting house and settlement. The cemetery on Bridge Road was laid out along with the Second Congregational Meeting House around 1720. The earliest stone is dated 1754, probably because burials continued at the Cove Burying Ground until 1770. Similarly, the Bridge Road Cemetery remained in use until 1886, well after a third cemetery was created in 1830. At that time the town center and Congregational Church were moved northward along the highway. The cemetery and the former Parsonage/Crosby Tavern remain as the extant symbols of the eighteenth and early nineteenth century town center. Placed in the National Register of Historic Places 1999. In 2001-2002 cemetery conservators repaired and cleaned 20 gravestones in the Cove Burying Ground and 121 in the Bridge Road Cemetery.


For further information, visit Bridge Road Cemetery.


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