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Three Sisters of Nauset

“The Beacon,” the very first ‘Nauset Light.’

The three wooden lighthouses (right) were erected in 1892 to replace the three small brick towers built in 1839 which were about to be claimed by the sea. In 1911, the center tower was changed to a flashing light and the other two towers were abandoned and made into a summer dwelling. The remaining light, known as “The Beacon”, served until 1923 when it was replaced by one of the Twin Lights in Chatham, from where it was moved, and is now the well known and often photographed Nauset Light.

The Three Sisters of Nauset may now be seen by taking a 10 minute walk west of Nauset Light on Cable Road, the structures were reunited and restored by the National Seashore. The towers are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. They are open in the Summer for tours.  See National Park Service for dates & time.

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